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Savory and Sensational

Seasonal Menu

Our Menu changes on a seasonal basis

Examples of what we could have on as specials below

Pork Ribs - $36

Homemade sauce serve with fries and salad.

Beef Burger Bacon - $25

Cheese, salad mix, beetroot, tomaton relish, oignon, chipotle, mayo.

Beer Battered Fish'n Chips - $28

Macadamia crumb. G.F option available.

Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup - $2O

Flavoured with ginger and tumeric. Served with garlic bread.

Green Pea and Parmesan Arancini- $20

With tomato and basil sauce, aioli (5pc).

Roast Pear and Rockette Salad - $26

With chilli, mint, corriander + lime dressing.

our menu CHANGE everyday because we prefer to use fresh/local products

Cheesy and Charming


Margarita - $20

Cheese and tomato

Pepperoni - $25

Classic margarita with added chorizo.

Hawaiian - $22

Ham and pineapple

Capricciosa - $27

Artichokes, mushrooms, ham and olives. Topped with feta.

Spicy Sausage - $29

Spiced locally sourced sausages with black olives and caramelised onions.

Garlic Prawns - $28

Garlic prawns, mushroom topped with cream cheese and pesto.

The Italian Veggie - $27

Peppers, fresh spinach and mushrooms. Topped with pesto.

A Chick Called Brie - $29

Tasty chicken, brie and bacon topped with cranberry sauce.

Garlic Flat Bread - $16

Add parmesan cheese

gluten free base option available - add $4


Check our blackboard FOR Desserts

alcoholic drink

Delicious & Amazing

Alcoholic Drinks

Cider we make it on site ! - $11.50

Spice control to Major Pomme

Low or Zero Alcohol Beers - $10

For the Sober Driving Hero’s

Classics by the Bottle - $10

Heineken / Corona

Paritua Sauvignon BlancSaddleback Rose

Haha Pinot Noir

New Zealand Premium Reds - G16/B54

Sileni Estate Merlot

Saddleback Pinot Noir

Coromandel Spirit - $16

Made on site! Coromandel Spirit Gin & Premium Tonic

New Zealand House Whites - G14/B45

Annas Way Sauvignon Blanc

House Chardonnay

HAHA Pinot Gris

House Rose

New Zealand Premium Whites - G15/B52

Prosecco 200ml bottle - $15

Sparkling Rose Bottle - B45

New Zealand House Reds - G14/B45

Check our Tap Beer Board

(Takeaway Bottle Available until 9pm)

Spirited and Spellbinding

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Pepsi or 7up - $6

Charlie's Honest Cola - $7

Kombucha - $8

Organic Almighty Juice - $8

Milkshakes - $8

Coffee & Tea - $4.50-6

House made Lemon Lime & Bitters - $8

Lemon Lime & Bitters - $8

Ginger Beer - $8

Allganics Apple & Feijoa - $8

Allganics Carrot, Orange & Turmeric - $8

Schweppes Mixers - $5

Kids Just Juice Splash - $5

McCoy's Premium Juice - $5

Orange / Apple / Pineapple / Tomato / Cranberry / Strawberry / Chocolate / Vanilla


*Please inform us before you order of any serious allergies or intollerances.

*In times of shortages we may change some items.

"Where Craft Meets Community

in the Heart of Coromandel"



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"Where Craft Meets Community

in the Heart of Coromandel"

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