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Call / text Directly : 021 035 1338 or use the chatbox

In The Pour House's storybook, your reservation is the start of an experience, filled with craft ales and delicious dishes.

Here, stories of brewing passion and special moments with family and friends come to life in Hahei's heart.

Nestled close to the magnificent beach of Hahei in the Coromandel's embrace, The Pour House stands as the ideal retreat in this slice of paradise.

Select a date that suits you, and bring your loved ones to savor our creations and imbibe in our handcrafted drinks, all here at The Pour House.

fish and chips

beers & Cocktails

Explore our unique craft beers and mixed drinks, each crafted to enhance your meal’s flavors.


NZ Seafood

Dive into the ocean's bounty with our fresh, flavorful seafood selection.

shared meals

Shared meals

Bond over our communal feasts, perfect for tasting a little bit of everything.


Homemade Pizza

Experience the art of pizza with our gourmet toppings on a perfect, crisp crust.


delicious desserts

Savor our sweet desserts, the perfect endnote to a flavorful meal.

And more...

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Find Us

Hahei Beach, The Heaven In The Coromandel Is Here!

Near Cathedral Cove 7 Grange Road, Hahei 3591, Nova Zelândia

The Pour House

Bar & Brewery company

The Coromandel Brewing Co

7 Grange Road, Hahei

Monday – Thursday

5pm – 9.30pm


4pm – 9.30pm


12pm – 9.30pm


021 035 1338

"Where Craft Meets Community

in the Heart of Coromandel"



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"Where Craft Meets Community

in the Heart of Coromandel"

Copyright © 2024 - All rights reserved

Privacy Policy

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