$26 St Louis Pork Ribs (GF)

Lashed with our sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, topped with sesame seeds, and served with salad and fries.

$25 Chicken Katsu Burger

Panko-crumbed, and served with coleslaw, kewpie mayo and chunky fries.

$23 Vegetarian Burger (V)

Served with red onion jam, Swiss cheese, aioli & house salad.

Gluten-free & Vegan option available for $3 each

$27 Macadamia & Kelp Crumbed Fish and Chips (GF)

Fresh caught fish crumbed with macadamia and kelp crumb from the local orchard, served with salad and fries.

$25 Beer Battered Fish & Chips

Fresh caught local fish of the day, fried with our Good as Gold batter, and served with salad and fries.

$8 Best Chunky Fries Ever (GF)

Trust us. Served with aioli or ketchup.

$14 Kids Fish & Chips

A smaller version of our beer-battered fish & chips, minus the salad.


$26 Pork Belly Piggy

Pulled pork with spring onions in a hoisin sauce.

$26 Little Fishy

Garlic prawns and spinach with home-made sauce.

$26 Cranberry Chicken

Shredded chicken with roasted cashews, brie, and cranberry sauce.

$23 Great Pumpkin

Roasted pumpkin, chickpeas, olives, spinach, pumpkin seeds, roasted garlic, finished with feta & pesto.

$20 Hawaiian

Ham and pineapple. Duh.

$18 Margarita (V)

Tomato base with mozzarella and basil.

$14 Kids Margarita

A smaller version of our Margarita, minus the basil.

(We can also add ham and/or pineapple at no extra cost.)

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